August 15th, 2007
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What They Don’t Know Can’t Hurt Them


Should you tell your readers that you are away for a bit?

Reason I ask is that I went away for the weekend, and my traffic dropped a bit, and it didn’t recover this week.


Of course, there may be a plausible explanation (my last two posts have been shit, I have full feeds, people didn’t want to dignify them with a comment), but could it be that by saying to people “I’m going to be away” people weren’t expecting content over the weekend, and even though I did post twice, the fact remains that people were discouraged to read.

Personally, I will keep telling people “I will be away for a bit, or doing this for a bit”, largely because I believe it keeps readers in the loop – and people are more understanding if they know you are away. If I feel the need to reply to comments, I generally try and do it the day after, so the fact is nobody will expect a response

Personally, I also believe that e-mail responses should take time, and people shouldn’t worry about not getting a response within half an hour, but that’s another story for another time. There was a good article on the BBC about it though.

But what would you do? Would you tell your readers you’re drinking yourself into a stupor in Guam or somewhere? Maybe you have. Did you experience a drop off in traffic?

Ironically, my feed subscribers have gone up. 125 subscribers baby!

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