August 27th, 2007
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What Would Be Your Bank Holiday?


A small little update for all the people who are – unlike me – working and not drinking and spending the day outside. Ha ha!

Basically, one thing I always notice on these holidays is the age old question – why don’t we have more? As Brits, we have the least Bank Holidays in the year. But you cannot have a day off for shits and giggles, oh no. You need an excuse to get pissed on a Sunday.

The latest think tank report suggests there should be one in November to celebrate ‘Heroes’. This is the last Bank Holiday between now and Christmas, almost unique in Europe.

What would you have a day off for? When will it be? I think I’d like “Back To School” Friday, the first Friday after the schools go back, for everybody not working in schools and the like. That way we can go to Alton Towers in decent weather and not get hassled by Chavvy Families.


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