September 11th, 2007
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Custom Number Plates and Personalised Registration Numbers


A few days ago in work we were collectively browsing the DVLA website, looking for number plates. The reason why alludes me at the moment, but I think it came from looking at some of the personalized number plates in the car park. Anyway, as a little distraction, we decided to check out for number plates that could suit us.

UK number plates have to follow a certain character pattern. It is letter (or two letters), two numbers, and then three letters. The number corresponds to the year and date of issue, and the first letter or two correspond to the city or county the car is registered). There was a bit of hoo haa recently as SN07 was due out. They banned it because it looks too much like the word “Snot”. Ironically, on the DVLA auction site, they are selling this little beauty in auction.


Tell you one thing. A slogan for that number plate could be “Drive Hard”.

So, what of my choice? Well after doing extensive research of about 15 minutes, I managed to find one that not only fits me like a glove, but also is cheap, and not available until 2025, when I’m hitting a mid life crisis at 39.


Look at it! You couldn’t get closer to my name if you tried!

To get it, as I said, I’m going to have to wait until I’m 39. I am also going to have to beat all the other Rhys Wynne’s, Wynn’s, Wyn’s and Wynnstay’s. I fancy my chances though!

What would your registration number be?

In other news: those with a couple of quid to spend may be interested in watching The Mighty Seagulls challenge Kidsgrove Athletic. “But I live in New Zealand!” I hear you say. Don’t worry, if you have a PC (not a Mac), and are brave enough to use Internet Explorer, the game tonight will be broadcast live over the internet on I think it’s £4 to watch, but it’s well worth it if you cannot get to the game. Me swearing and acting like a fool, plus a cracking game of football is a small price to pay!

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