September 3rd, 2007
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New Template! Your Thoughts?


Well, I have been feverishly busting a groove on dreamweaver all weekend and this is the result. I was never too happy with the old template, it was similar to the time I did the squelchy with a girl underneath the pier in Colwyn Bay, in that I gave away too much information. Hopefully this one will be better liked than the old one.

A couple of things I feel I should mention though:

Bye Bye Blogroll

Probably the biggest decision I had to make was to take the blogroll off of my front page. There are two reasons for this, which I feel I should explain before you bite my heads off.

The first reason was that it was becoming a bitch to keep updated with new blogs. I am all for spreading the linky love juice, but I felt guilty removing people or not adding people and showing favourites. I tried keeping it to a “friends and personal nature”, but as I enjoyed more “Blogging Tips” blogs, I was unsure on whether to add them or not.

The second reason was that if I truly put all the blogs I read on there, it would stretch for a billion miles. Fact.

So, in that respect, there’s now a new Links Page on this blog, which takes all my feeds from my google reader and puts them there. See if you’re on the list! (You probably are).

Arrivachi Adsense

Inline Adsense was driving me insane (as I no doubt it was you too), so I’ve shifted it to different places. It’s all very well people saying “You get more clickthroughs! You get more clickthroughs!”. Personally, I think my blog layout is worth more than a dollar a day, so they’re gone.

I still have Adsense, just kinda tucked away in various places. I’m still playing around with the placement.

Oh, and for all of you guestbloggers – I now have implemented an Adsense Revenue Sharing Script, so that for every post you write over my holidays your adsense will appear instead of mine. How boss is that? If you want to become a guestblogger for my trip around europe: sign up here. I will be biting at people to get them writing.

mybloglog.jpgMissing You Already Mybloglog

I do love Mybloglog, but it’s widget is more than a little annoying, espeically if it is down. With that respect it’s gone, Instead, I’ve expaned the “Me Elsewhere” bit of the site, to include links to the Mybloglog Page, as well as links to my Facebook and Myspace.

Piss off Plugins

I also removed a lot of the redundant plugins. It was turning into a bit like my facebook page, just full of random plugins and general shitty stuff nobody clicks on. What’s left now is a lot more streamlined.

What’s New? You

I do not hide that the one thing I like more than anything on a blog is comments. I love it when the square bracketed email arrives to announce that somebody has commented. With that said, I feel that the community aspect of this blog has been a bit quieter recently. So, to perk it up a bit, I’ve added Threaded Comments, which basically means you can reply to other comments, as well as your own. It may end up spammy, it may end up fabulous, only time will tell.

What do you think?

The question is, what do you think? This is probably the last major redesign in a while because I myself am happy with it, if you spot anything missing, or there’s something you don’t like, please please please let me know, so I can sort it.

What’s next?

Well, the plan is to redo the forum to match this design. That’s a job for another day though. I’m off to bed!

EDIT: Forgot to mention: I didn’t design the logo. Adrian from the Digital Point Forums. He does them for a fiver, and they are rather good. Click here to find out more.

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