September 14th, 2007
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RSS – I’m Forever In Your Mercy


It’s been a little quiet around here lately, hasn’t it? Well, it has for me, as my RSS Feed that is wonderfully supplied by Feedburner has been acting well and truly up. Why am I not pissed off with Feedburner, as I usually get pissed off with people rather quickly. Very simply, they are lovely. They have some helpful forums with intelligent people who do wonders for you (the money grabbing sods at Digital Point take note). So I’m not that pissed off that my blog’s been as good as dead yesterday.

I bet you skipped the last two posts, so to bring you upto speed, here’s the previous posts you may have missed.

So, what of me? Well lets just say I have been really excited for my holiday, which I believe a week today I will be in France. Isn’t that special? (If you don’t live in France. Or a member of the BNP). I’ve been spending money like if it’s going out of fashion to prepare. I’ve been spending sensibly, but by goodness I’ve allowed myself a few treats along the way. One such is below.


Excuse the rather shonky photography, but my new toy is a brand new digital camera. It’s a Kodak (I hear, somewhere in Canterbury, Han is crying), and it’s fabulous. I figured if I’m going to take photos of myself  looking good, I may as well use a decent camera.

Right, as well as doing some packing and list making, I am also going to watch The Mighty Seagulls take on Parkgate in the 1st Qualifying Round of the FA Cup. Yes, we dumped out Congleton in a 5-1 replay, and also had 2-0 and 3-2 wins against Kidsgrove and Alsager (which I’ve been admonished for pronouncing it All-say-jer rather than All-say-ger) respectively, meaning we’ve yet to lose this season, yet to drop a point at home, and yet to concede a goal at home in the league. Things are beginning to look rosy at the Bernabay, and a big crowd should hopefully show up on Saturday.

Come on the Bay!

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