September 2nd, 2007
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Sunday Speedlinking for 2/09/07


The first Sunday Speedlinking for September! Christ, the year’s gone fast, hasn’t it? Also, it’s the first one I’ve done without a raging hangover. I went out last night and didn’t get drunk! The company was fantastic, so I didn’t need to make it interesting. Anyway, here’s your links.

  • First, from Punclox is this great article on Why Nightclubs Suck. After another dull night in Broadway which saw a drink poured over me after some cock pushed me into a couple smoozing on the dance floor, I’m inclined to agree. Alas, the only reason I (and I imagine a lot of people) go to nightclubs is in the vain hope that I meet the future Mrs. Wynne, even though statistically I never pull. But I digress – that article rules.
  • Next up from Merrick is this hilarious video. Will you go after yoga?
  • From my new favourite blog Worse Than Failure comes “Please Write This Down” – an error message on a court summons!
  • From Neatorama comes this advert for An English Editor
  • Finally, from Digg, it’s The Ultimate Maths Clock. I wonder where you can buy it? I know at least two people who’d love that!

If you see something cool on the intermaweb that you want included, why not let me know?

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