September 23rd, 2007
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Sunday Speedlinking for 23/09/07


Hello everybody! All because I am away doesn’t mean I can’t write a couple of speedlinking posts! I have been obsessively collecting links before my travels, so these links may be a few weeks old, but they are still fab. Here you go!

  • From Han’s Speedlinking post is Homepage Startup, a nifty little Ajaxy thing that has your best bookmarks in front of you. Classy!
  • From Neatorama comes this ace Emergency Money Box. I do rather like this, and would use it. It’s much more satisfying to smash than a poreclain pig I can imagine.
  • I’m not sure whre I found this, but it’s cool. An Illustrated Coffee Guide gives you a guide on how to make all sorts of coffees. The ex was really into her coffee (I’m pretty much caffene intolerant), and it was like listening to her speak in a different language. Now I know what a Mocha Choca Pokemon, or whatever it is, is.
  • Matt Jones from Blogging Fingers shares an important tip for those who – like me – change posts after they are published. Be Sure To Ping Feedburner.
  • And finally, an interesting post from Kyle’s Cove recently was a list of the First 100 Domain Names Registered. Surprisingly really how few of them I have heard off, but that was the internet pre-porn days, I guess.

To be included in a future list, send me your interesting links!

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