September 4th, 2007
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The FA Cup – Bay vs. Congleton Town and The Racketears


I like to think I have achieved something when people who have no interest in football go out of their way to find the football results of Colwyn Bay, especially as they are quite a bugger to get hold of their results. Nevertheless, Tom (who does have an interest in football) did point out I didn’t mention the result from Saturday.

Which is fair, as it wasn’t that great.

We drew 2-2, which thankfully means we’re still in the cup, but only for a moment of brilliance and a moment of madness we would’ve been through. After 20 minutes, we were 2-0 down, and struggled against a dogged opposition. Fingers crossed for us on Tuesday.

Occassional commenter Joel did notice something: I make an appearance in the team photo for this year! See if you can spot me.


Football aside, I did have a great weekend. Saturday evening was spent in fabulous company with Vicky – who long time readers may know that she went to Japan to teach. Anyway, she came back for a bit and we’ve caught up well. Was interesting though a discussion with Vicky’s friend Lorna, who asked me if I was on Facebook. We then got in a big discussion on why people share facebook addresses rather than phone numbers. Do you find that if – like me – when you come in from a night out with new people that you scour facebook to find them? I suppose it’s easier to do some research on people before asking for something like a phone number. Maybe it can be used as a whole new way of dating, what do you think?

Finally, on Friday I finally made it to Speakers Corner in the Bay. Speakers Corner always appealed to me as it is the closest thing we’ve got to a trendy wine bar, it is an oasis of liberal intelligence in a town full of people who either read the Daily Mail, or can’t read at all.* The excuse that I could go there was to see The Racketears, a band with an old school friend as the bassist. Was a great night, and I do recommend listening to their music. It’s brilliant.

Was a little worse for wear the day after, but what the hey, I’m only young once.

* Massive Generalisation there, I know.

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