September 18th, 2007
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The Great Coin Jar Competition


In a weeks time, I will be waking up on the south coast of France, where it is piping hot and the women walk around in bikinis for my first day in Monaco. Monaco, home of the Grand Prix and massive, James Bond esque casinos, looks like it could be the most fun on my excursion. Unofortunately, I think it could also be the most expensive, so I am consoloidating all my funds into one, single, manageable beer fund.

bondcheque1.jpgI was boosted last week with a win on the Premium Bonds, £50! That’s twice in a year I’ve won, £100 year “interest” on about £500? Thank you very much. However, I need the bonds for beer money, so they’re coming out.

As well as cashing in my bonds, I am also cashing in money that has been sat in my paypal account that has come from advertising on my blog and Text Link Ads. It’s a rather nice amount so am very happy with it, even if the exchange rate crippled me.

The final source of income is my coin jar, so here’s a little competition.

The Great Coin Jar Competition

How To Enter

coinjar1.jpg coinjar2.jpg coinjar3.jpg
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What you have to do is predict how much money in pounds is in the coin jar pictured above. To enter, all you have to do is within a blog post write something like this, linking to this post.

“Rhys is going on holiday and he’s counting up his coin jar for a competition. I think there is 20p in it”

Simple, n’est pas?

Well, for another entry, if you subscribe to my rss feed, you may see a method described on how to recieve a bonus entry!

What You Win

To quote Simply Red – “Money’s too tight to mention”, so instead you will recieve a two month stint amongst the 125 x 125 buttons. These buttons actually recieve quite a high click through ratio, and the prize is worth about $20.

Second prize (the person who is second closest) will recieve a free Adicon for two months (worth $4), whereas the person who is third closest will win an Adicon place for a month (worth $2). You will also get mentioned in a congratulatory post when the competition is over.

When Does The Competition End?

The competition ends on October 1st 2007, the winner will be announced a week or so later when I get back from my holidays.


  • The coins are in denominations of 50ps, 20ps, 10ps and 5ps (100p = £1), but there could be the odd £1, 2ps and 1ps
  • I’ve done this a couple of times, and the red line usually is around the £70-£100 mark.

Other Rules

  • Blogs must be written in English and not be spammy blogs (i.e. pr0n, warez, illegal shinanegans, full of pictures of kittens – actually it can be full of kittens).
  • Only two entries per person (one in the super secret RSS Method, the other the standard linkback).


If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments so I can answer them. Good luck!

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