September 12th, 2007
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The Great Facebook Post


Facebook is everywhere these days, isn’t it? I remember about a year ago the big thing was Myspace, but the spammy nature and the fact that rubbish bands who couldn’t play a note added you meant that Myspace became a chore, and Facebook became light and wonderful.

But recently, Facebook has been catching news articles all around the world, starting with the front page of this week’s “North Wales Weekly News“. Yes, we don’t get daily newspapers for our area, but weekly (Bi Weekly actually, as the Pioneer is out on Wednesday. They link to me. Hello Pioneer readers, petition the office for a double page spread of yours truly!). I’ll be honest, not much happens in the area that can fill one newspaper, but there is some excellent reporting at times, but a few times I feel they (justifiably) struggle for stories, such as this story in the newstands.


The story relates to a Facebook group created that advocates the mighty Bay as a dump. Whilst I don’t agree that it’s the best way of promoting regeneration, I do feel that a lot of what’s wrong with the Bay at times – overenthusiastic landlords advertising to people in Liverpool & Manchester to “Come and collect your dole by the sea” – has helped contribute to it’s suffering in recent years. I don’t know whether this still goes on, I’d like to think that it doesn’t. Either way, recently I do think that The Bay may just be turning a corner and becoming more bright and breezy. Shops are opening up (that are not charity shops) and I think the football club is a bit of a success story for the town (which I believe more people should get behind, but then I would, wouldn’t I?).

Right, the second story which you may have heard about is the Facebook opening it’s profiles to be Googled. The main concern for normal people is the privacy issues involved when people can find out about you online. My issue will be that my Facebook profile will outrank this blog for the words “Rhys Wynne“. Bloggers usually work on making a brand around themselves, and I quite like dominating the top 10 listings for all sorts of connutations for my name in Google. I’ve disabled it for this reason. I believe all bloggers should too.

Finally, one of my favourite facebook applications, “Compare People“, had this banner on the top of the screen:


Basically, for a small ($10 methinks) fee, you will get more detailed statistics on every single vote made by your friends on you and see who you beat (and lost too). At the moment, I’m dominating the “Kinder”, “More Punctual”, “More Likely To Skip Class”, “Smarter”, “Better Sense of Humour” and “More Likely To Succeed” categories, but the ones I am really interested is the couple of votes I got for “More kissable”, “hotter” and the kinky “rather get stuck in handcuffs with” (the latter two I have recieved more votes than for “more tech-savvy”). I would really like to know who nominated me for those categories, and who I beat. It’s only a fiver, isn’t it?

Of course, you can all see who I voted for if you give them a fiver. You could pretty easily work out who I fancy and who I don’t. It’s blatently obvious from my results. Therefore, I suggest you don’t give $10 to the makers.

EDIT: Just purchased the said upgrade. I will just say this. Very interesting. It doesn’t say anything in concrete, but gives suggestions. One of the suggestions is “Who I should Date”. #3 on the list I can say “been there, done her“, and #1 me and Guy does suspect fancy me, but the others….well half of them I never looked at in that light before.

Got you all worried now!

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