September 10th, 2007
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The Great Server Failure 2007


Alas, there was no Sunday Speelinking or Fair Review Links this weekend for one very good reason. Friday morning I posted an article about the Rugby World Cup. It was Dugg. It was Stumbled. It was indexed by google bloody quickly. Long story very short, here were my stats for the past 4 days.


Now, those 400 visitors don’t look a huge amount – but they came in a space of about an hour or so, and my old server didn’t like them, and it keeled over and died. My account was suspended, and I got a lovely message telling me that fact.

I had no problem with my old host, they were great, but the next level up was quite a bit more expensive than I was paying for now. So I decided to look elsewhere.

In the end, I’ve plumped for, it seems pretty good, and it’s a flash Reseller account! What that means is that I can host multiple web pages, more than the 5 before. I can now host 200 web pages. I have a few domains dotted about that I may just use to do some link building. Got a few ideas for side projects I want to carry out (two in particular). However, they are for another day.

At the moment, it’s getting back to normal. Fair Review is still down, and I’m having problems getting it back up again. The Forum’s are also down, and could use a nice cleanup. Either way, I’m going to fix a lot of things before moving onto anything new.

So that’s why blogging has been sparodic recently, and will be. I’ve also been very busy, but a really shit night out (for me anyway) has left me in a horrible mood. Send lovely comments please (in other words, mention how well Colwyn Bay played, and don’t mention Wales, who were at times shonky yesterday).

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