September 27th, 2007
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Three Cool Mario Paint Youtube Videos


Mario Paint was a unique game for the Super Nintendo. Quite simply, it wasn’t a game – it was a paint program, animator and composer. I never had it, but Sibz did, and we used to spend a few hours every so often coming up with masterpieces. I say masterpieces, we were generally shit, but it was a fun way to waste an afternoon, and by the end of it, we were no more brilliant at painting or composing than we were to begin with.

However, there are people who have even less of a social life than me, who – since the advent of Youtube – have shown their Mario Paint genius for the world to see. Probably emulated, but still brillaint. Anyway, here’s three of my absolute favourites.

1. Chun Li’s Street Fighter 2 Theme

YouTube Preview Image

Do anything Street Fighter related, and I will love it, there are a number of Street Fighter themes made in Mario Paint, however a lot of them are over complicated, and not quite right. This one isn’t one of them, and it’s nothing short of perfect.

2. “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”

YouTube Preview Image

This is created using Mario Sequencer, that emulates the composer functions of Mario Paint, and has opened up the limitations of a limited score with Mario Paint. There’s a bunch of rock covers (check out the Muse songs), but this is probably my favourite.

3. “Moon Stage” Duck Tales NES Theme

YouTube Preview Image

As well as Street Fighter themes, one thing that impresses me is random pieces of music from other games. Duck Tales for the NES was a brilliant game based around a Disney cartoon. This is a note perfect rendition of the Moon Stage, one of the classic pieces of music from the game.

These are my picks, but what are yours?

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