September 20th, 2007
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Three Things I Want To Mention Before Going


Actually, it’s 2, but we’ll cope.

Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is continuing! Out of the 3 home nations and Ireland, only Scotland have been anything near impressive, with two convincing victories so far. Wales have probably been the next impressive, with a commanding (if shaky) victory against the Canadians, and a brilliant second half (but still losing) against the Aussies. Ireland and England however, have been gloriously woeful with England in real danger of being eliminated after being destroyed by South Africa. This was much to the delight of my Zimbabwean work colleague, who commandiered the label maker in work, and posted this on the door handle of the office next door – who are big Rugby Fans.


Before you ask, yes, I’ve printed out 10 labels with my blog address on to graffiti Europe with.

Congratualtions To Ally!

One of my long term readers, Ally, has given birth to a bouncing baby boy christened Leo. For those who don’t know, Ally had all but given up on having a baby of her own, and was made to jump through numourous hoops by the UK Adoption Agency in order to apply to adopt a child, which she detailed painfully on her blog. I’m not religious in any way, but with her being a mother, who knows, miracles I guess do happen. Go and send her good wishes!

Sod This, I’m off to Europe

So that leaves me. At 6am tomorrow morning, I am leaving these fair isles for a two week road trip around France. I’m disturbingly excite, and cannot wait for it to arrive. Who knows what’ll happen in the next two weeks, but by goodness I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve lined up a few guest posters to post whilst I am on my travels, they are the following people:

And I think I’m expecting two more posts. Either way, it doesn’t matter, I’ve got plenty of posts. Thanks for them posting. Couple them with the posts I have written, and there’ll only be I think 2 days when this blog won’t be updated (if those two posts arrive, I will post them obviously). I won’t be completely out of touch, hell, I can do a lot in 20 minutes. I’m just dreading my feed reader when I return.

There was something else I was going to mention, but I have forgot. Keep entering the Coin Jar Competition for your chance to win some fabulous prizes, and keep smiling.

One last thing, does anybody know where in London will I be able to watch the Wales vs. Japan match tomorrow night?

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