September 6th, 2007
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Three Ways To Improve Your Blog Whilst The Missus Is Getting Ready


Photo: Making Up by magandafille. Used under the Crative Commons Licence 2.0

One of the wonderous joys about being a bloke is my efficiency, none more so than preparing to go out. I can do it quickly and efficiently and usually go from slobby Rhys to dapper, snoggable Rhys in less time than it takes to order a pizza. However, some people are unfortunate, and do not share the same efficient nature of tarting themselves up. These people are called “Wasters Of Minutes, Efficiency None.”.

Or, to give it it’s common acronym, “Women”.

The amount of time I’ve spent waiting for women to get ready is staggering. Top Gear proved you can change a car’s gearbox by the time it takes for women to get ready. I’m pretty sure you can mobilize the entire Moldovan army in the time it takes some women I know to get ready. So, before you wine and dine your girlfriend/mum/misteress, you may be waiting around watching some crap on TV, or having a game of pro evolution. Nothing productive, right?


Below I have listed three things to do to improve your blog whilst you’re waiting for your missus to get ready. Of course, it doesn’t have to be waiting for them to get ready, but they are simply quick and painless things to do to your blog that can be dropped easily, and you don’t have to be in any frame of mind to do them.

1. Write a few messages on some forums

Quick and brainless task, but can prove beneficial, if only to find new readers or increase the amount of linkbacks from your blog. Find a thread or two you have an opinion on and comment on it. Two which I reccommend doing are the Bloggeries Forum (if you want to build up readership of your blog), or Digital Point (if you are interested only in traffic to your blog).

2. Reply to Commenters

I’ve recently switched from emailing my replies to commenters to opening a thread, in the hope you’ll all visit this blog more (ha!), but it’s always nice I belive to appreciate your readers by replying back to the better comments. That way, people will be more inclined to return. Of course, this takes time, so you’d do good to throw out a couple of replies here.

3. Brainstorm Ideas

This post began as a set of three flickr images I wanted to use. I usually write two to three lines to begin a post, or even just a post title, of things I must say in a post. I then pad it out over time. I’m going to write more next week on writing blog posts. But brain dumping all your post ideas is a good way to get them out of your system, onto the internet, and able to return to them at a later date.

They are my suggestions, certainly beat a “Jesus Christ love, Christmas will come before you do!” which goes down like a lead ballooon. What are your suggestions for quick and easy ways to improve your blog?

In other news: Two weeks today, and Han has written the first guestpost. You can set up an account to guestpost here (with revenue sharing through Adsense too!).

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