October 29th, 2007
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A Knee To The Googlies


Seems like the Pagerank update is happening, and I am getting hit. I’ve dropped from a PR4 to a PR3 (on the plus side, if there was a -2PR hit, so chances are that I’d have been a PR5 if I hadn’t a been a naughty boy – but then again, I am now was on the same pagerank as Youtube ;)). Now, I’m not going to cry, and I’m taking the classic “Pagerank sucks because pagerank think I suck” route displayed by half the blogosphere, so here’s my thoughts on all the major players regarding Google’s last update.


It’s odd this whole debacle that – even though I have been penalised PR wise, I’m still there or there abouts for the word “Rhys” on Google Page 1. Okay, it’s not the most desired of keywords, but say if somebody else got penalised with a better keyword, will they get knocked down? Seems all a bit half arsed, like “We’ll do it! But it’s Friday afternoon, and I want to go to the pub” mentality. I know it shouldn’t be instantaneous, but it seems like they’ve just devalued PR.

Like Doctorvee posted, I rely very little on search engines (it’s about 5% of my daily traffic), prefer relying on word of mouth and people posting about my blog (including A.T.’s recent post basing a competition about a comment I made). So my position in google is still quite high for phrases such as “Contiki Tour Sex Stories”, “Rhys” and the classic keyphrase “Guy McGechan”.

Other Search Engines

As a comment on a previous post by Ken, he suggested that some search engines should provide webmasters with a ranking tool to beat Google. Looks like some already did. I recieved a phone call (yes, a phone call) from Lycos asking me if I would submit my site to their search engine (which I duely did), and are apprarently going to launch a major advertising campaign soon. Yahoo could be doing similar, maybe they see this as a weakness in google and want to exploit it.

My Site

Well, I’m now a PR3 site, which means this site is about as important as a website for a village community centre. However, I have always based the success on this site on RSS readers and Traffic (and so should you). My RSS has been rather steady, but my traffic has had a dramatic increase last week:

To borrow a phrase from Shakira – “Hips Stats Don’t Lie”. Ironically, my traffic has shot up when I got hit, Jem thinks it’s because I complained, she’s probably right.

Some of my other sites have picked up huge gains though. Fair Review is now a Pagerank 4 site, rhyswynne.co.uk is now a Pagerank 3 (from Pagerank 2) and Retro Garden, a site I haven’t worked on for yonks, is now Page Rank 4! I just don’t get it!

And Pagerank, I’ve decided that the white bit, not the green bit, is the most important thing associated with Pagerank. Why? Well, it’s simple:

Suddenly, it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

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