October 5th, 2007
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About that Chip Pan Fire…


Rhys’s Note: Hello! Today’s entry is written by Sibz. Sibz AKA David Sibley has known me for over 10 years, and have been good mates throughout. However, I feel before I post this, I feel I must explain some of the stories that are mentioned below. All of them are true, however logically I am in the clear, I feel I must justify each and every one. Hence, I will be posting after each story with a paragraph similar to this one. Right. Enjoy!

shedditesthumb.jpgA group of high school mates stand in the old worn stand at the North end of Llanelian road. No-one knows the opposition, nor cares. These were the sheddites, and for a proud couple of seasons they were the valiant people who chanted for Colwyn Bay’s victory.

Five minutes after the kick off, one rather tall lad, looking a bit scruffy comes ambling along the pitch edge. It’s not the first time he was late and nor will it be the last. “So Rhys, what was the hold up this time?!”

Hi everyone, this is Sibz and above is the scene for the home matches for Colwyn Bay around the 1997-2000 time period. I just thought I’d detail some of the quite brilliant excuses for Rhys’ bad punctuality as I couldn’t think of anything better. He said he may censor this, but I think that these flashes of inspiration were the first signs of Rhys’ potential for his humorous writing style here on his blog. So, without futher ado…

“There was a pile-up outside Stermat”

A fairly innocuous one to start, although the fact that everyone else passed the Stermat store mere minutes previously was cause for laughter.

Rhys’ Note: This is simply me at the time having a poor grasp of the English language. Stermat – a harware store in Colwyn Bay – is pretty much known as a landmark in Colwyn Bay Town Centre (probably because stores around it shut down and reopened fairly regularly). At the time, there was roadworks outside the store, with temporary traffic lights. I simply got my words mixed up. “Pile Up”, in my language, was “a huge queue”.

mesibs.jpg“Our car was broken into last night”

A good excuse, and something certainly not amusing, that was until “they didn’t steal anything apart from a packet of Polo’s“. Oh dear Rhys, the mint with a hole for one of your stories with a hole!

Rhys’ Note: This actually happened! To this day nobody believes me, and it’s unfair. My dad always drives clapped out motors (his current “car” is a 20 year old Vauxhall Van, with 100,000 miles on the clock), and the radio whilst always on display never works. On top of this, the only thing that Dad listened to at the time was Lionel Richie. So, the combined value of the car (which was a Ford Orion at the time – I think he got it for free from my uncle) + radio + Lionel Richie tapes + pack of polo mints was 28p, the price of a pack of Polo Mints. The burglars honest to god only took the polos. Don’t believe me, ask my mum.

“Liar Liar Chip Pan Fire”

And then there was the Chip-pan fire, maybe I’ll leave you in suspence and let Rhys fill you in…

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