October 10th, 2007
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Do You Play Catch Up With Your RSS Feeds?


You know when you are on holiday, and you come back, and you say “Catch up!”, you spend about a day telling tales (after the response from Monday’s post, a small round up of what I’ve been doing will be up on Friday), swapping stories, getting abreast (teehee) of the news? Well, it has to be done with RSS feeds. So imagine my dismay when I saw this when I returned.


Or do I have to catch up? You see, what purpose would it make if I caught up? Would I gain anything? Or would it be more worthwhile wiping the slate clean and starting afresh. What do you think?

Why I Should Catch Up

  • The main reason for catching up would be that I would catch up on awesome posts, tips that I can use, or cool new things that have occurred. For example, a quick check of my “must read” bloggers (i.e. physically visited the site, rather than read them in RSS), meant I saw Jem’s ace redesign.
  • The other reason is that if I comment on old posts, it’s more likely to stand out. Especially if you use something like G-Mail, that threads e-mails. I often miss comments on posts because Gmail bunches up new individual comments together, if something new (or in this case, old) appears, then it’s more likely to stand out.

Why I Shouldn’t Catch Up

  • I will know what I’ve missed. Sometimes – especially with time dependant posts. For example Problogger had a $54,000 giveaway, but I completely missed the entries for it. I was like “awww, I wouldn’t of mind entering that. Sure, I wouldn’t of sacrificed the greatest holiday everâ„¢, but it would’ve been nice to enter it.
  • I can’t be arsed. Seriously. I love you guys and I love your blogs, but the thought of wading through countless posts to find one brilliant one is scary.

What Should I Do?

What should I do? Should I wade through the lot, simply press “Mark All As Read” and start again, or read the blogs that’ve interested me, and delete the rest? Incidentally, the last has got me down to 750 blogs left to read, but don’t really want to continue on it. What would you do?

Why Don’t You Help Me!

Of course, another way for me to read the best is to suggest a post written recently which you like. Could be your own, could be somebody elses. Just if you like it, please let me know. If I get enough interest I’ll do a post linking to all of them. Had a busy week this week (all will be revealed, or you can just read my Twitter).

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