A bit of banter was created a while back about a list. The list in question was one of those “Top 100″ lists, within a week there was hundreds of posts about the list, some good, some bad. Either way, he did well from it as he says in Video 1 and Video 2.

So, cue the latest bit of linkbait from Blogstorm is the top 100 UK bloggers, why do I care? Well I have come in at 35th place, sandiwched between Samizdata and Tim Worstall.

For one, I’m only 35th (if we’d taken into account a category such as, I dunno, physical attractiveness, then I’d be first), but I beat such rubbish blogs authors such as Belle De Jour, Girl with a One Track Mind and Random Acts of Reality. So, where’s my book deal? I can only assume it’s been lost in the postal strike. Yes.

But it’s interesting to read the list, especially marketing and SEO blogs doing well over other blogs. Hell, apparently the only reason I did well was because I was “gaming Technorati” (according to Andrew’s blog, where I found this story), and I do suspect that Internet Marketing and SEO blogs would be high on the list, after all if they are not, then what sort of marketing or SEO blog would it be?

I just have a feel that if it was more of a subjective list, then the results would be so different. I probably wouldn’t feature on the list for one (ha! I lie, I’d be top again), but years of having subjective lists from the media it’s nice to have a little change.

There is a reason why this is one of the first objective lists of blogs in the UK, and I think Patrick summed it up best:

 Some people feel the UK blogosphere trails a distant second behind America. In truth, the UK blogging community is alive and well with thousands of hugely popular blogs creating quality content every day.

UK Bloggers I believe are a lot more of an entertaining bunch than the rest of the world. The top US bloggers are there to inform, I believe the top UK bloggers are there to entertain. Take the second site on the list, b3ta. B3ta couldn’t exist anywhere in the world but the United Kingdom. It’s sick, it’s purile, it’s ball-achingly funny.

However, that is one of a few blogs who’s sole purpose is to entertain you. The big hitters in that list are people who attract the sizable US audience. And how do they do that? Simple, by being informative. I’ve noticed it on my blog. By and large when I talk about myself or crack a little anecdote, most of my traffic comes from the UK. When I write an informative post about something, most of my traffic comes from elsewhere. Anybody else find this?

So, I’m 35th on the Top 100 UK Blogs (a list devoid of heavyweights such as Scaryduck or Diamond Geezer), will we see a program about us all on Channel 4 hosted by Jimmy Carr? Well, looking at the people who are actually on the list, I shudder if it happened.

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