October 17th, 2007
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If You Can Keep Your Head Whilst Those Around You Are Losing Theirs


Video games have progressed greatly since the bits and blobs of the early 80′s.

Take for example the Football Manager 2008 trailer, the game which is out this Friday to buy at places like Amazon:

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty swish, n’est pas? Of course, what amuses me about trailers (not necessarily this one, as most Football Manager fans are not stupid) is that they always put “Not Actual In Game Footage” at the bottom of it. What sort of person believes that – say – Harry Potter narrowling avoiding falling rocks and dragons by ducking on his broomstick, then somersaulting would actually occur? Games can’t be both graphically and gameplay wise free flowing, and most developers generally go for the latter. They tried having graphics free flowing with Dragons Lair, and that was rubbish. I suppose that’s what I like about Football Manager, by not concentrating on graphics, it’s managed to produce a totally absorbing game that will take weeks off your life.

But anyways, I’m rambling off on a tangent. It’s a pretty cool video, especially taking the best poem ever written and giving it a football slant. Even though no actual in game footage is used (and probably for a good reason), it’s a good way to get people talking about the game.

Hell, worked on me!

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