October 31st, 2007
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Rubbish Company Names


I was ringing around a few numbers yesterday to make a decision for my driving tuition on My Passage To Manliness™. The grilling I gave them was worse than Dragons Den. “What’s your first time Pass Rate?”, “How much do you charge?”, “What’s the financial bonus for hitting chavs?” and so on. Most have been pretty good, but one such driving instructor immediately put me off…

“Hello, is that Mr. Smith?*”

“Yes, who is asking?”

“My name is Rhys Wynne, I had a reccommendation a while back for you, I believe you’re a good driving instructor?”

“Hi! Yes I am! I do apologise because nobody rings me by Mr. Smith, turned it into a business a while back.”

“Oh right, so what is your company called?”

“Impact Driving School”

The thing is though, it’s not something like “Crash Course” or something blatantly funny, it’s just a word that Mr. Smith thought would have – lack of a better word – Impact, but it had so many negative connotations associated with it, that it just sounds rubbish.

What other rubbish company names have you heard?

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