Tomorrow, after 43 days, the Rugby World Cup finishes after the final between South Africa and defending champions England. It has been a little bit of a question by both my South African mates and English mates to find out which side of the fence I will be on come Saturday. This post is designed to eliminate all doubt where my loyalties lie.

Above are a few pictures of some of my South African mates on Contiki (and Celeste, who is South African, a mate, just not from Contiki). These are all lovely, kind, generous people who made travelling ever so much more enjoyable. They were so nice, I even managed to pass on a message to Gareth Jenkins for Wales to throw the game against Fiji, as I didn’t want the holiday to become uncomfortable when the Welsh destroyed the South Africans.

Above is a picture of Will Greenwood, World Cup winner with England and commentator for ITV Sport, who show the World Cup. He is an arse, a biased prick who basically ruined the South Africa vs. Argentina semi final by irritatingly droned on how England are fantastic and how the other home nations, Australia and New Zealand aren’t fit to hold a torch to Johnny Wilkinson’s chiselled buttocks.

So, my English friends, is why I will be supporting the South Africans on Saturday. Sorry.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that felt aurally violated with the self congratulatory tripe Mr. Greenwood was spurting on Sunday, there’s some people on the ITV Forums demanding an apology from the former England Back, and there’s demand for him to be thrown off the ITV broadcast team. I don’t want that, I want him to commentate by himself in the final. For two reasons:

  • It’s hard to be patriotic when your country is doing terribly (lord knows after last night I know the feeling)
  • You can all play my Will Greenwood Drinking Game!

Yes! The Will Greenwood Drinking Game is designed for 3 drinkers. You each select a colour, and should Will Greenwood spout one of the borderline xenophobic comments on the board, the person who is that colour drinks. I reckon you can get royally smashed after 5 minutes, even if drinking bitter shandies.

To play, download and print out the game card below.

And, which is customary of my rants, you can join my especially created Facebook Group, or see if you are like Will Greenwood here.

Go the Boks! Which side of the fence are you guys on? Green and gold or red and white?

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