October 27th, 2007
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Saturday’s Video – Mario & Sonic at The Olympics


Mario & Sonic at The Olympics is due out shortly before Christmas, and is Wii’s game to commemorate the Beijing Olympics next year. Rather than be a serious athletics game, it’s more fun, with Mario, Sonic and all sorts of characters associated with the two franchises will be competing in olympic events such as 100 metres, hammer throw, hurdles, fencing, and the like. Here’s the trailer:-

YouTube Preview Image

Dodgy Coors “Damn! That’s a Light Tasting Beer” Beer voice over aside, I think I’m going to really like this game! Athletic games are like orgies, better with more people. I remember playing International Track & Field with about 12 of us for hours before watching Lewis vs. Tyson (stopping only to watch the 10 minute freeview at midnight), and the days we used to play Athelete Kings on the Sega Saturn at our old house (I’m tempted to break it out soon).  They are good fun game and World Records adds an extra element of competitivity.

The game is out before Christmas.

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