October 23rd, 2007
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The Gospel According To Johnny Invincible


“Hey Rhys,” my recently received text message read, “it’s Sam*. My MSN name has changed, could you change it too…”.

Her MSN address continued. Sam recently changed her name, just on a whim. And she is not the first of people I know to do so. A few of my mates, acquaintances and friends of friends have changed their names, and not for the two good reasons in my eyes.

The first good reason is marriage. Call me old fashioned, and feminists would scream at me, but I always believe that marriage should mean that the woman adopts the man’s name, and none of this hyphenated bollocks. What happens if a double barrelled name marries a double barrelled name? Do they become a quadrupble barrelled name?

The second such reason is if you’re born with a stupid name, like the head of the World Anti Doping Agency (you’d think he’d call himself Richard, wouldn’t you?). I think it’s justifyable – the playground can be a cruel place.

But Sam is neither of these, she’s just changed her surname. She still has a good relationship with her parents so it can’t be that, it’s just peculiar.

Anyway, if somebody pointed a gun to my head, I’d think I’d go with something a little fun, like Johnny Invincible.

What would you change your name to, if you had to?

*Name ironically changed to protect the girl, as she doesn’t read my blog

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