October 9th, 2007
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The Great Coin Jar Competition – Results!


coinjar1.jpgA few weeks ago before competing on The Amazing Race, I started “The Great Coin Jar Competition“. The premise was simple. Guess how much money is in my coin jar. Two things to take from it:

  • I got tons of linkbacks, so now I’m in the top 10k of bloggers on Technorati.
  • You are all rubbish.

Nobody was anybody near! Everybody was over £100 out. I hope none of you are bankers or accountants.

Anyway, the total was £214.38, which either bought me 1 £214.38 hooker in Amsterdam, or 214.38 £1 hookers in Amsterdam. I’ll leave you work out which happened.

So the winners, there were 3 prizes.

First Prize (2 Month 125×125 Advertising)

The winner was Adil, with his guess of £91.20. Congratulations! I will contact you shortly with the prize.

Second Prize (2 Month Adicon Spot)

Second Prize went to Contestblogger, who guessed it in funny money. $124.18, which converts to £62.09 as of today. Don’t worry, he was second by a large margin, so there wouldn’t be any exchange rate tomfoolery.

Third Prize (1 Month Adicon Spot)

Third Prize went to Adsense Tracker, who guessed £43.28.

Congratulations to all the winners! I will contact you all soon and let you know your prize and what you need to get the spots live.

Don’t Link Back, It’s Just For Fun!

To keep those of you who aren’t interested reading, here’s a story from the hols.

If you have ever been on a coach trip, you need to find ways to pass the time, otherwise you will get insane. One such time was completely incomprehensible questions. This was one that cropped up often.

“You are travelling in a car going faster than the speed of light. You switch your headlights on. What happens?”

Any answers that an A Level Physicist or dumber can undertstand would be appreciated.

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