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Three weeks ago today, on the day I started The Best Holiday Ever™, the footballing world was aghast with the news that Jose Mourinho – the best manager Chelsea have ever had – had sensationally quit Chelsea after a bust up with the board. Whilst openly I cheered at the beginning of the end of Chelsea, inside I was a little sad as the Premier League has lost probably one of it’s most unique characters it has ever seen.

See, I think it’s time to put aside differences: Jose Mourinho was a pantomime villain for most of us, and a hero to some, but respected by all. I believe that behaving like Jose Mourinho with your blog is a good thing. Here’s three character traits “The Special One” had that we as bloggers should learn.

1. Be Arrogant
Sure, you can be a nice blogger, but lets be honest, blogging is all about being arrogant. Why else would you start except to appease an ego? Getting your name out there for financial gain or for bragging rights is why most of us start blogging, so why does it die down when we have a few readers? Because we don’t want to come accross as an arrogent prick? Hell, get over yourself, arrogence is the least of the blogosphere’s worries. Be deceitful, then you’ll be hated and crushed. Be arrogent and you’ll come accross as controversial. Controversy equals Clicks.

2. Be Brilliant
Of course, no point in being arrogent if you cannot back it up. So, be brilliant. How do you be brilliant? Simple, what are you good at? I like to think it as “If I was to go through the quarter finals, semi finals, and finals of Mastermind, what would be my specialist subjects for those rounds?”. That is what you should blog about.

Oh, and don’t worry about writing skills. They will come with time, and even if they don’t, most bloggers will forgive you.

3. Be Loyal
The final trait that Jose Mourinho displays is that he is loyal, if he is loyal to the players, the players are loyal to him. You saw this in subsequent interviews and Mourinho’s departure which was hugs and tears, and how Chelsea have stuttered under Avram Grant.

You should be loyal to readers, especially your older ones. They help build your blog, you should thank them from time to time, by forever chasing new reads and readers, you could lose site of your first readers, and they are tricky to get back once lost, so do not lose them.

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