October 4th, 2007
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Three Ways To Write A Good Metablog


There has been a sharp rise in metablogging in the last 6 months. Metablogging is blogs about blogging (if that makes sense), and – whilst popular, the people who write them I believe at times know very little about blogging. There are about half a dozen gooduns, but I feel like when I read the majority of them I feel like saying “You’ve been blogging for three weeks, how do you know so much, and why should I trust you?”. Nevertheless, there’s a reason they are popular, they can be quite nice little earners.

1. Come from a different angle
It’s very easy to write out guides on making money, blogging etc. But the chances are that what you post may have been posted multiple times before. Try something new, start posts with “Blogging is like “, or use real world concepts and apply them to blogs. That way, you can create unique content easily.

2. Link Loads…
….especially in the early days. A lot of what makes these blogs popular is the fact that they give back to their readers loads of links and traffic. Admit it, it’s nice to see trackbacks in one of your articles, and they act as fantastic link bait, sucking readers in to see your post and usually continue discussions from one blog to another, in a interblogging kind of way. The best example of an out and out linkbait that worked brilliantly was Bloggrrl’s “Three Little Pigs” Post. I was definitely Three Little Pigs #2!

3. Don’t Write “Blog like this and be brilliant”, “Blog like this and you’ll suck” Posts
Nobody really truly knows what’ll be successful and what won’t be successful. Sure, white text on a black background may not be to some people’s tastes, but occasionally it may support your site, rather than detract from it. The fact of the matter is that I find posts like these hugely condiscending, everybody has a reason for starting a blog, and people can blog for years without knowing how their blog’s doing. All because they not an universal definition of what’s good or not, doesn’t mean that they’re blog is any less brilliant than yours.

What tips do you have?

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