October 2nd, 2007
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Wii don’t need no education


Hello, Rhys readers! I am Shona from Rich Minx and am guest blogging while Rhys is swanning around Europe. Hi Rhys, I’m in your blog! Or, in LOLcat speak, “Im in yer blog, stealin yer readerz.’

Rhys said I can write about anything I want except for Forex trading, so I’ll restrain myself although I could write at least one sentence about it: “I know nothing.”

Instead, I thought I’d talk about the Nintendo Wii because there’s a new one in my house. I wasn’t overly excited about its arrival, unlike Cartman in South Park who cryogenically freezes himself under snow so he will wake up in three weeks when the Wii has been released (only due to a freak avalanche he is revived far too late – centuries into the future, even – and misses the Wii completely. “Goddammit!”).

What’s meant to be so special about the Wii? Well, it’s a little bit more interactive. Instead of just pushing some buttons you can use the remote like a weapon/tennis racket/wand etc and leap around actually playing your game. Have fun AND burn calories, but don’t let anyone film you doing it, for potential YouTube Shame reasons.

But the reason I wasn’t excited is because a) I’m crap at all sports, even virtual ones and b) The first game we played was Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour and, while I respect Mr Woods and his prowess with a golf club, golf has to be one of the most coma-inducing spectator sports in the universe: mostly middle-aged men in polo shirts and brown pants whacking a little white ball to polite applause! Football is much better, right Rhys?

Or so I thought, but when I picked up the Wii remote and swung it around like a golf club to tee off, the remote vibrated (bonus!), the ball went *thwack* and flew flawlessly over the fairway and right onto the green! The crowd roared. My virtual Tiger, perfectionist that he is, looked rather pleased. He almost smiled. And I ended up with an Eagle! (That is good, apparently.)

The morals of this story are: don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, anyone can play Wii, and golfers should really wear more fashionable clothes when golfing.

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