October 16th, 2007
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WordPress’ Biggest Mistake Yet


Last week I updated my WordPress installation to WordPress 2.3. I admit, it was not the smoothest update ever, but a quick update of my plugins meant it was working again. However, one feature I didn’t approve of.

The removal of Technorati in the “Latest Incoming Links”, for it to be replaced by Google Blog Search.

I think Google Blog Search is inneffective at tracking incoming links. For example, here is the latest incoming links from Google Blog Search.

Of the 10 posts, 6 of them are mine. I already know the drivel that I write! Why would I want to know that I link to my own posts? I already know that! Why do I need to know that?

Right, now lets look at Technorati. I found a great plugin called Nusuni Technorati Links, which removes the rubbish Google Blog Search and replaces it with Technorati.

Just one. And only because they pulled it from my feed and it linked to my Text Link Ads forwarder, apart from that, it shows the blogs in which I have made an impression, and link to me.

I’ll be honest, I’m pissed off about both Google and WordPress about this. Google first because I think their blogsearch is incredibly tacked on, and not a must have feature, but the real reason I am annoyed is simple.

Google probably made a deal with Matt to include GBS in the latest version of WordPress, and Matt agreed. I don’t agree with a few things that WordPress does (this, and the Removal of Sponsored Themes). I just get the impression from WordPress that whatever Google says to WordPress, wordpress’ll do. Sure, some of it could be good, but I feel that integrating a shoddy beta product such as GBS within WordPress is a step in the wrong direction, and I suspect the only reason they did is because “Google Told Them To”.

It turns out I’m not the only one, Gnomeynewt is also having issues too.

Either way, it’s got me fairly angry, so – as well as installing the plugin, I am also creating a Facebook Group! It’s a way to get noticed nowadays, isn’t it? Join, get your friends to join, get your friends friends to join. Together, we will take WordPress back from Google, and instead gives it back to those who it was originally designed for.

The community.

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