November 27th, 2007
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Drop Your Cards On Me with Entrecard


entrecard.jpgRecently, I’ve been testing a new service on this blog called Entrecard. It’s quite a fun service, what you do is you drop a 125 x 125 icon on other people’s blogs, and you get a “credit”. These credits can be used to buy a days visibility on other blogs. Price is set by how many cards are dropped, so the larger blogs are obviously more expensive than smaller ones. So why should you give up space on your blog for it?

It’s Fun

It’s quite fun seeking out new blogs on the Entrecard service. There’s a bunch of blogs I have and haven’t heard of. I always drop my card on other blogs if I see the widget. It gives you credits, and gives them credits. It’s almost become like a scavenger hunt – seeking out blogs and dropping your card on them.

It’s also a child-like fun in that you have to generally save up for the top blogs to advertise, kind of similar to saving up your pocket money. Or maybe it’s just me

It’s on a lot of Big Blogs

Blogs like John Chow, John Cow and Nate Whitehill, even though the dollar is worth about as much as Tesco Clubcard points at the moment, to advertise on these blogs cost a pretty penny. Am I going to spend valuable beer money on their sites to advertise my blog? No. Would I use my credits to advertise? Yes.

It’s Still New

Always best to be in a program at the beginning. Entrecard is still relatively new and if you start now, you’re more likely to reach the dizzy heights of popularity early on as an early adopter.

Of course, like everything, there are bad points. Here are some of them.

People Don’t Put Much Into It

When people drop a card, I generally check out their blog, just to see what it’s like. Not everybody does that, which is fine, but it’s a pain people read the title of my blog and assumes something, as – when I chose to advertise on - I was rejected because “I don’t want spiritual blogs”. Spiritual?!? The only spirits I know are Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort. It’d be nice if people read other people’s blogs!

It’s Still New

It’s still in beta at the moment, and it shows (I bought an advert and it deducted me twice for it, so I’m in the red) So there’s still a few bugs here and there.

But I’ll let you know how it goes, my first Ad goes live in a few hours, I wonder how much traffic I get from it!?!

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