November 28th, 2007
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Get Out, Yer Barred!


Recently, I got my first ever ban from a forum. It made me feel dirty.

Don’t really want to go into too many details, but I appreciate I was in the wrong, and accept full responsibility. But even then, I feel that I was dirty, and it’s a horrible experience.

It also means that I’m following in the footsteps of tradition.

You see, the Wynne family has a nasty habit of getting banned from places. My grandad on my dad’s side (God rest his soul) was reportedly banned from the Valentine in Llandulas for leg sweeping a woman whilst battered. It sound’s violent, but was unintentional, as it was a cross between That Scene from Only Fools and Horses and Homer Simpson’s “Union Quitting” celebratory dance. Again, this was before I was born, so I couldn’t really verify the story.

It seems to skip a generation with my dad, but I’m not so sure, I reckon he’s just being quiet. Whilst I got chucked out of the Vatican a few weeks back and my brothers have no doubt been thrown out of Nightclubs, none of us have been banned from anywhere.

Until now.

So, now that I feel like poo, make me feel better. Where have you been banned from?

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