November 13th, 2007
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Lets Talk About Sex 2.0



When was the last time you heard that word?

For the unaware – Cybersex along with cookies and dialers was one of the dangers of late 90′s internet. Except nobody was actually sure what it was. Was it porn? Was it webcams? Or did it simply involve a box of tissues, ICQ, and HOTnHORNYFEMALE699xxx: a 43 year old Canadian guy with questionable credentials.

futuramachat.jpgI probably went into a chat room about Cybersex in my teen days, but truth be honest that they were all cybersex chat rooms. After a while, I kinda grew out of it, as Futurama’s Fry once said, “The Internet has made me bored of sex”, and stayed away from chat rooms and talking to random dodgy people on the internet.

I’ll be honest, I thought I heard the last of Cybersex forever, as – quite frankly – the noncybersex was generally a lot better, so I left the online version to those who have never even had a handshake off somebody.

Until a few days ago on Facebook.

You see, in admist of all the “Pirate/Ninja/Vampire/Dog Poo” Application requests, there was a group request from one of my friends. This friend wanted me to join this group.


No, I’m not sure exactly why my friend (a female) wanted me to join this Facebook group, maybe she’s trying to tell me something? (she has been poking me a lot, and poking does literally mean on Facebook “Lets Have Sex!” – so Andrew, I’m a little worried ;))

Either way, for sheer curiosity (and a cheap laugh), I took a look at the group, and it is exactly the same as the old Cybersex Chatroom Days, but now instead of being called “HotnHorny694u”, they are now called “Kevin”. Most of them are South African too, which doesn’t explain a lot if you’ve been on a Contiki tour with them.

I never really thought that “Web 2.0″ things did lead itself directly to sexual matters, though the whole term of “social networking” does lead itself to it, I guess.

So, to stop me rambling and to encourage comments – yes I still haven’t fixed my server, giving it another test – come up with your best Web 2.0 related chat up line. Winner gets a prize.

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