November 10th, 2007
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Saturday’s Video – Damn! That’s a light tasting beer!


Certain adverts become instantly quotable. They’re mainly beer adverts – things like “Whaaaaasup!” (remember that?). Rubbish Gnat’s Piss beer Coors score the jackpot by producing an instantably quoteable phrase:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a bad sign when I say “Damn! That’s a light tasting beer!” in the pub last night rather drunkenly. I said it multiple times, even when drinking drinks that weren’t Coors. Such as Heineken, Zvyeic, and….errr…Red, red wine.

I am probably in the minority if this thread on digital spy is in the majority, but I love it!

Do you agree with me? If not, what was your favourite quotable phrase in an advert?

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