November 24th, 2007
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Saturday’s Video – Indoor League


People in the UK would be familiar with the old Gameshow Bullseye, based around the pub game of darts. It’s dated quite badly with the rubbish prizes, dodgy haircuts and political incorrectness. But there was a gameshow before it that made Bullseye look modern, sophisticated and satirical.Indoor League.

Indoor League was a gameshow presented by the fabulous Fred Trueman, and featured games such as Darts, Shove H’apenny, Bar Billiards, Table football and skittles, and was so Northern it’d make Peter Kay Cry, here’s a clip.

YouTube Preview Image

And if anybody can understand what he’s saying, please e-mail me, because I can’t!

You can buy a DVD of it off Amazon, and there was a fleeting moment when I was seriously tempted, but then I decided I’d rather actually play the games, than watch Yorkshire people do so.

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