November 25th, 2007
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Sunday Speedlinking for 25/11/07


It’s a month until Christmas! Be sure to get your Christmas cards ordered. Here’s today’s links.

  • Awesome game of the week is Super Smash Flash, a flash game conversion of Super Smash Brothers with extra characters and addictiveness. Does anybody have any idea how to unlock extra characters though?
  • Awesome cartoon of the week is This one from Penny Arcade. It’s funny because it’s true – My “Top Friends” usually goes “Brothers > Guy > Sibley/Jay > Girlfriend > Home Mates/Uni Mates > Ex Girlfriends > Randoms”, but it varies as much as the New York Stock Exchange. I also feel guilt knocking people off my top friends. I can’t be the only one, can’t I?
  • Excuse of the week comes from England’s fantastically shoddy elimination from the Euros earlier this week. The latest blame is the Anthem Singer, who didn’t sing the right words to the Croatian National Anthem.
  • Present of the week is Bob-Omb earings. If I had a geeky girlfriend, I’d get them for her!

Those are this weeks links. Enjoy!

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