November 8th, 2007
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Three Reasons Why I Would Never Sell This Blog



Recently, the big thing going on in the blogosphere is that people are selling their established blogs onto third parties. Blogging Fingers sold for $6000, sold for $2500, and Onemansgoal is currently at $4500. Whilst I congratulate them on their success, I do question the sales. I think it’s because it’s something I wouldn’t do. Why? Well, here’s three reasons why.

1. Nobody in My Eyes Can Take Over

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty good blogger, and that half the people who visit this site read it because of me. I was apprehensive letting guestbloggers loose on this during my holiday. In the end, they did a wonderful job, but even now I’m happy to get back to doing what I do best, blog.

Would you read this site if somebody else was writing it?

2. I’m delusional that this blog will still make me a millionaire.

Yes, I still believe this blog is my ticket to an easy life – spending an hour each day bashing out a post, then going out getting drunk for the other 23 hours. It’s beginning to earn me a little whack (sold another Text Link Ad today – Google: It didn’t work ;)). So, whilst it will take me at least 357 years to become a millionaire if I don’t increase my income from blogging, I believe it’s a lot more certain than taking the easy way out by cashing in my blog for – say – $3000.

3. It Was a Gift

A little story for you. I never actually purchased this domain name. Instead, my brother – who always gets me awesome presents – got me the domain name for my 21st birthday. He planned for me to have address and also for me to forward it through to my blogspot address. I guess he didn’t expect for me to turn it into the blogging behemoth you see before you. So, you can thank/blame him for my success.

Anyway, I’m rubbish at giving away or selling presents (except for the “What A Mess” VHSI got a few Christmasses ago. Mum, what were you thinking?) I generally live like a 15 year old, as I really can’t be bothered or feel guilty throwing things away. It’s terrible I know, but I know if I ever want to turn my place into the bachelor pad of lurve that it should be, I’d have to move out to get my arse in gear. I’ve got ace prints to put up, I just can’t be arsed.

No wonder I never take women home with me.

Anyway, the same is with this blog, I’d feel guilty selling it after Rick paid for the domain name. I couldn’t do it to him!

So, I doubt I’d even sell this blog, certainly not for the amount of money talked about in the blogs mentioned at the top. I probably wouldn’t sell out for $3000, at least. How much would you sell out for?

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