November 22nd, 2007
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Three Tips For Changing Server


Well, that was hardly painless was it? Yes, I’m finally on a much better Hostgator Server. Big thanks to Adam, who put up with my “Test it! Test it! Test it!” emails for most of Tuesday, and generally being rather helpful. However, even though I have done the whole backup – move – nameserver thing before, I still run into problems. So, as a little bit of a handy hint to you, here’s 3 tips for changin server

1. Back Up Everything First

Seriously, it’s a given. Just open up your FTP server and download everything, even if you don’t need it. If you have WordPress make sure you back up the uploaded images folder (which is wp-content/uploads/), or else you will be in trouble!

2. Write Down The Important Settings

Yeah, I know you think it’s easier just to guess which plugins you have added, but it really isn’t. Just write down exactly what plugins you use and then activate them when reuploading your site.

3. When all uploaded, test, test, test

When I got the blog uploaded, I thought “sod it it works”. Then I had a message saying that the comments don’t work, then I had an e-mail saying that the e-mails don’t work.

The easiest way of preventing reader frustration is just to quite simply test everything. Do the comments work? Can you get e-mail? Can you send e-mail? Can you search? Anything and everything that can possibly go wrong needs testing, so test it.

Right, I’m off to watch England get knocked out of the Euros. I will laugh heartily at their potential exit, or cry when we have to endure another summer of one sided biasedness from the television. We shall see. If Croatia win I’m going on holiday there next year!

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