On Saturday, we will be into December, which means that preparations for Christmas will be well underway. Hell, they’ve been underway since August. As such, with all those nights out, those presents to buy and other unmentionables we won’t share on this blog.

Of course, there’s things you can do to earn a little extra cash around Christmas, and the internet is no exception. Here’s 3 which – if done correctly, should be able to finance a night.

1. Sharedreviews

I joined this a while ago when I was browsing Digital Point. The premise is simple. You write 750 character reviews about anything (holidays, web hosting, video games, food, restaurant, whatever), and they’ll pay you $2 for each one. Payment is weekly for a minimum of $10, and if you join up using the link above, you get free $2, meaning 4 reviews of 750 words each will net you $10, which is a fiver in proper money. That’ll buy the first couple of drinks in Weatherspoons, won’t it?

2. Money For Banners

Now, these have yet to pay me, but if they do, it’ll be a good thing. They give you a fiver just for signing up, and you put 3 banners on your site, you will get paid £10 a month. Of course, I’m not putting them on this site, but for low traffic sites such as The Fair Review Project, it’s ideal. If they pay me (should be due in a few days).

Edit: Just got paid on time, so I can fully recommend this one!

3. Text Link Ads

Oooh, the evil one. Truth is, I’ve made more money on Text Link Ads than I have before the great Knee to the Googlies, so I still recommend them to make a few quid online. You won’t get paid before Christmas, but if you’ve got a strong site, it’ll go a long way towards paying off your Christmas Credit Cards.

What are your suggestions for a little bit of Christmas Pocket Money online?

Surprise surprise, this post contains affiliate links.

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