November 1st, 2007
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Top Respect To The Top Commenters and Sponsors – October


We’ve made it through October! (Which I’ve spent the past few weeks spelling “Oktober”. Damn the fest!) , and after a month hiatus, we’re back with showing respect to my Top Commenters and Sponsors. Here’s the list!

Of course, it’s not just my wonderful commenters that I love (in a non gay way), it’s also my sponsors, who keep me stocked up with Beer and Pringles.

  • FiddyP, the blog of Andy Bailey – a guy who has had a multitude of jobs. He, and he uses his blog to – amongst other things – promote his WordPress Plugins, such as a CommentLuv, which puts a link to the last blog post of every commenter. Top work!
  • Blogging Dosh
  • MiniJuegos

If you want to be featured here, and you post rubbish comments, why not Advertise with us, or read on.

Where O Where Have I Been?

Well I have been a bit busy recently this month trying to keep my mind active whilst avoiding post holiday depression. I did start a Bid Directory, which is a cross between a toplist and a directory, where to get listed at the top of the site you have to pay more money than the person already listed there. It’s a pretty swish idea, and has been getting a few hits and a few bids, so I’m going to keep promoting it in conjunction with this blog.

I have also managed to watch a scary amount of football (which, on the whole, has been more depressing than Radiohead on with a lack of Serotonin) , drinking plenty of red wine and – as of now – dodging a ton of trick & treaters

There’s a couple of things that I’m doing this month which should be fun, but I’ll let you know at a later date.

And, to encourage this month’s commenting, here’s the usual three questions to stump you:

1. What does SIM (as in SIM Card) stand for?

2. With the exception of Vince McMahon, who are the only two men on the WWE Roster are grandfathers?

3. Which British League Football team has the longest name?

And finally, how was Halloween scary for you? For me, it was I paid so far this year £666 of National Insurance. I’m not sure if it was the number or the amount that scared me….

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