It’s the end of November, and it’s probably been the hardest month for me blogging ever. Seriously, there were so many times where I was tempted to pack it in, with the server, computer and other just not giving a shit problems. Nevertheless, I’m still here, here are the top commenters this month.

Of course, it’s not just my wonderful commenters that I love (in a non gay way), it’s also my sponsors, who keep me stocked up with Beer and Pringles.

  • FiddyP, the blog of Andy Bailey – kept up his sponsorship from last month, and invested as well in a new design. Pretty swish!
  • UK One Way Links is a strong, UK Based Directory of Websites which is human edited and search engine friendly. It is generally worth your time submitting to strong directories like this, over weaker directories, as the benefit you get in terms of traffic and SERPS is high. Submission is for a one time fee of £29.00.
  • MiniJuegos

Want to get a piece of this action? Why not Advertise with Me!? If your currency is worth more than a dollar, it’s dead cheap!

Finally, to encourage comments, here’s this month’s quiz!


To encourage comments on this post, here’s this month’s quiz:

1. Which olympic sport is it unfairly beneficial to be left handed?

2. Who’s missing from this list: Vector, Espio, Charmy Bee, Mighty,….?

3. Which has been the only video game released so far where Super Mario has been the enemy?

Bonus Question: What is the link between all three questions?

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