November 14th, 2007
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Wake Me Up When November Ends


November is a really rubbish month, isn’t it?

I’ve completely lost all sense of blogging mojo, what with my PC problems and server problems (to give you the jist of it, I’m moving servers again soon – but I am not sure if there’s actually a problem, are people having problems commenting? Could you email me at if you are? Thanks.), coupled that with the fact that I’ve got the dentist today, means I’m not exactly a happy bunny at the moment.

I think I’m getting that SAD thing that people get. I never was a summer person growing up, but have become one now. Sure, I’m not going to throw myself off the end of the pier, just feeling kinda down.

Anybody else get it? How do you get over it? Short of moving to Australia for 6 months in a year, I guess :).

Mojo will come back shortly no doubt, I feel if I move servers, I’ll be a lot more with it. Got plenty of ideas, and there’s something quite nice coming for all you readers, just need the new server and something to arrive before I divulge it!

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