November 19th, 2007
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Weekend In Cardiff!


Hi guys! I’m back from my two day break in our fair nation’s capital. The weekend really was a fabulous break from it all the server issues from last week. I feel refreshed, but struggling to get back into it all.

I arrived late-ish on Friday night, and – after a quick spray of deoderant – headed to The City Arms, a pub in the City Centre, which became the hub of all the weekend’s drinking. A few pints and we went to Weatherspoons, which we stayed until closing time, before heading to an Irish bar who’s name escapes me. A few blurry pints later and a Burger King and I headed home, ready for the next day.

Yes, this was the biggun.

After a full Welsh breakfast (which is exactly the same as the full English, but we don’t use such blasphemous words that day), I went and dressed up in every single piece of Welsh paraphanalia as I could find, before heading to – yes – The City Arms for a few pre match pints.


A few people were confused at who I was supporting, they thought I was Irish!

About a quarter to 3 we headed into the ground, surprisingly getting in rather quickly, and we found our seats.

I’ll be honest, the game was seemingly a drinking destraction, neither team particularly playing well, but after Wales took and early lead through a Jason Koumas header, Ireland got two goals back. It was looking like it was heading for an Irish Win, when super sub David Cotterill was brought down in the area, it lead to a dramatic 87th minute penalty.

This is the penalty. Be warned, I use a naughty word, twice.

YouTube Preview Image

Yes! Get in! 2-2, and we can both leave with our heads held high, and we headed to a few bars for more drinks, before heading out on the lash.

In the end, and after walking into a mirror after convincing myself it was a portal, we ended up in Clwb Ifor Bach, which was a Welsh music night club. It was a fascinating place. Despite not understanding a word that was spoken, I had a really great time before the all day drinking took it’s effect and I headed back to the hostel.

In the evening, it wasn’t my best sleep ever. The fire alarm went off twice, and I got the worst chills. Apart from that, the hostel was ace. There were a few Irish people there seeing the game, so it was good to banter with them, and there was no trouble at all – which is what football should be.

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