November 26th, 2007
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Where Have all the Drinkers gone?


This weekend was lovely. Jay wondered on Friday if I fancied Llandudno “Or else you are gay”. Not wanting my hetrosexuality to be brought into question, plus I fancied to share some stories, I said yes.

We bitched, complained, laughed and joked like we usually do. However, one thing we did notice and comment on was how busy Llandudno was. Or how it wasn’t. Considering it was a Friday night, with nothing major on TV, there were very few people out. We usually meet people who we know when we’re out, and we didn’t see anybody. We just thought it was one of those things though, and we didn’t let it spoil my night.

It completely puzzled us, why was it so quiet? Considering the media says that we as Brits drink far too much, you’d have a hard time to see it last weekend.

Did you go out this weekend? Was it quiet? Any idea why it would be? It just completely perplexed us!

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