December 31st, 2007
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2007 In Numbers


2007 has been a good, if not great year for me, with a lot of things happening, people saw and worlds explored. I really grabbed the bull by the horns after a rather rubbish 2006 and changed my life in ways I couldn’t have comprehended 12 months ago. 10 Days In September was probably the most defining point in my year, where everything just seemed to go right.

Anyway, here’s my years in numbers.

  • 10 countries visited
  • 300 days single.
  • 23 years completed of life.
  • 6…women that won’t be talked about.
  • 39 days slept not in my own bed.
  • 6 Capital Cities I’ve been drunk in.
  • 1 pay rise recieved, hurrah!

So that’s me, what about this blog and webloits? Well.

So, for both my blog and for myself, 2007 has been “averagely life changing”. I feel if I can build on certain things I did this year (mainly increase my confidence), then 2008 could be an ace year for me.

Resolutions? Well, I’ve a few goals for the year (like Jem). I’ll talk about them more in the new year.

Now, to get drunk!

Happy New Year Everybody!

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