December 11th, 2007
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A Dangerous Position


Credit: XKCD

There has recently been a disturbing trend in the life of myself. Recently, female friends of mine have been coming to me for advice of a personal nature.

This is an appeal to these people: you do realise how bad an idea that actually is?

I’m pretty useless at giving advice, especially for things of that nature. My past isn’t exactly flooded with relationship success. It’s akin to asking

I suppose it’s because they see me as non-threatening, I guess. Which is fine: I’m happy to be a shoulder to cry on. But I worry, I’m not exactly the best in terms of advice, and I usually explain dark bits of the male psyche to women (which is a no no).

So I guess it’ll continue. I like this position of being an authority on the male species, as at the same time it gives me a view into the female psyche.

God you’re a confusing bunch. You’re like a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, placed in a riddle’s suppository and shoved up a conundrum’s arse.

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