December 10th, 2007
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A Newsworthy Weekend


I had an unstereotypical weekend in Llandudno. The plan was to go out, have a few drinks, a few laughs and then stumble home at 2am. However, when I saw my mate, he said something that changed all that.

“We’re going to watch the Hatton Fight!”

No, not in Vegas, but on Pay Per View. But before that, we had a little bit of drinking to do to prepare us for the evening’s events.

We made our way to The Kings Head, which is my favourite pub in Llandudno. I think the barmaid fancied me a little, but that was probably my mis-interpretation (as usual). It was a good laugh, and I got decidely merry.

Then the power went off.

Anybody who has been in Wales will know we have had horrible storms this weekend, and it wasn’t just the pub, it was the entire of Llandudno was without power for an hour. A few phone calls confirmed that it was just Llandudno, as Colwyn Bay and Bangor were still connected to the grid. It was just like The Blitz!

After an hour the power came back on, and we kept on drinking until the wee small hours, when we headed home to watch the Ricky Hatton vs. Floyd Mayweather fight. Or try to. I fell asleep at around half 2, with the alarm set to hopefully wake me up at 4. Of course, I slept straight through the alarm, and missed the fight. Gutted!

Anyway, my back is sore after kipping on my mate’s floor. Could use a massage or something, and I’m still knackered. How was your weekend?

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