December 21st, 2007
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Any Excuse for a Piss Up


mealed.jpgToday is my younger, harder working, more attractive brother’s 19th birthday. He always hated his birthday, largely because – as he put it – he “got screwed out of presents”. I always felt sorry for people who was born around Christmas time, as a materialistic S.O.B. I used to thate the thought that my special day was shared with another people. Of course, I’ve since lightened up thanks to my wonderous discovery of alcohol.

A few years ago my mate for a secret santa bought me a great calendar called “Any Excuse for A Piss Up”. In it, it gave reasons for every day to get absolutely smashed. Most were viable, but tenuous (Workers Day in Namibia – for example), but March 4th was terrible “Ex Inauguration Day in the US”, a day to celebrate when Presidents used to be sworn in, but not anymore.

Either way, I drunk to it.

Anything special happen on your birthday? Or are you born around Christmas, you poor sod?

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