I suppose now it’s the day after boxing day blogging can technically be continued. I had a day off from this site on Boxing Day largely because I couldn’t be bothered writing on Christmas day. I have been writing posts days – even weeks in advance – but I completely stopped after Christmas.

Anyway, here’s some of the highlights:

Christmas Turkey of Christmas
A little bit of miscommunication happened in the family over Christmas, as I had recieved two of the same present – Anchorman on DVD (I got the DVD Player I wanted – though no sign of Kelly Brook or Blogging Books).

No harm done, you think, and you’re right. But somehow the same present was bought by the same person! Congratulations Mum.


Bless her, she tries very hard and I love her very much. However, it would be wrong not to take the mickey out of her a little bit. I was nice, it was more in a “You’re only supposed to check the list twice! Not buy it!” kinda way, rather than “You’re a useless mum you’ve ruined Christmas!” kinda way. Luckily, my brother screwed me out of a present offered to take one of them back to uni with him.

Best Moment of Christmas
Probably my favourite moment of Christmas 2007 was after my trip to the pub. Myself, my mum and my youngest brother all in the kitchen, drinking and dancing to music on Mum’s DVD player. Just felt really Christmassy!

My Haul
As well as my DVD Player and Anchorman, other highlights include “Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth” – a book describing the best things to do around the world, Long Way Down – A Book based on an ace TV Show, and Top Gear DVD’s. A few tokens as well to get some clothes and what have you as well. Aled got me a Street Fighter 2 Poster (which I may frame, it looks cool) as well as the Top Gear DVD’s and Richard got me Tim Lovejoy’s Book On Football.

Pen Christmas Day Drunk Dry!
I really enjoy going to the pub on Christmas Day. Well, I really enjoy going to the pub most days but I really enjoy going to the pub Christmas Day. What was cool was seeing people who I had lost touch with, and catching up with people – who has kids, who’s got married, who’s moved jobs and what have you.

But The Most Fun Present?
Again, my mum has come up trumps with this wierd japanese cheruby thing that answers your questions. It’s the gift that keeps on giving: already I’ve taken it’s advice (a random “yes” or “no”, should that be) on a few boxing day football matches, and ended up winning a tenner! Want more advice? Here’s what it said about Colwyn Bay FC’s long term chances.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a shoe in! It’s guarenteed! It’s more accurate than Chris Kamara!

How was your Christmas?

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