December 5th, 2007
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Is Blogging Becoming Less Authorative?


I have a feeling that blogging as a medium for passing news is becoming less authorative as we are going on. Bloggers used to be symbols of authroity who – because they had a website – you should listen to them.

Not anymore. And here’s why.

Three years ago blogger launched a new comment system. The system, that pretty much killed YACCS and crippled Haloscan, is the commenting system you see on blogger blogs today. The system had one flaw: if you weren’t on blogger, you couldn’t leave your website address. You could comment linking to your blogger account, or leave your name, or leave anonymous comments.

Needless to say, people were quite up in arms about it. There were blogs here and there asking why they couldn’t link to an external website that wasn’t a blogger blog, and eventually Google recinded.

Now, they’ve removed the box to link to an external website, which I only found out after commenting on A.T.’s and Mike’s website:


Why, I have no idea. I take Randa’s thoughts in that Google Have Become Too Big For Their Britches. It can’t be a spam measure, as 60% of Google Blogspot Blogs are Spam. My thoughts are that Google are trying to create an enclosed blogging network, whereby you can’t advertise your blog unless it’s within the network. Of course, I use the word advertise loosely. I do visit every blog that leaves a comment on mine. It just seems like it’s creating a closed internet, and I don’t like it.

If you’ve got a blogspot blog, there are a few things I can suggest.

1. Switch To WordPress – It’s not that expensive! And you’d show more authority by switching! Unless of course you are someone like Diamond Geezer, who’s huge, and is already taking advantage of point 2.

2. Switch To an Offsite Commenting System – Free, but often quite limited, but lets be honest when was the last time you read a comment on an old post? Of course e-mail notification is lacking on most of these. The best at the moment in my opinion is Haloscan, but I’m willing to hear other people’s arguements.

3. Blog About It -  Seriously, kick up a fuss, make an arguement, and say why you think Google have removed the external link box. It’s something to blog about.

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