December 24th, 2007
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Merry Christmas Eve


Disclaimer: This year, there have been some shoddy immitations, and some of the newer readers may think that I was copying this with the format. You can see if you view my archives this is a lie. Specifically here, here and here.

Twas the night before Christmas,
And all around Earth,
Everybody was celebrating,
Some religious dude’s birth.

Every year, on this blog,
I pretend to throw a party.
It’s really a form of linkbait,
In the form of rubbish poetry.

This time however,
No party this year.
Instead I’m thanking my readers,
And to spread some festive cheer.

Thanks to all my readers
For commenting, sharing their thoughts
To Celeste, Han and those I’ve met in the flesh
And to Guy and Sibz, of course

Thanks to all the UK Bloggers
Like the above, and Debbie
Jem, DG, Ally and Claire,
Punclox, Malcolm and Doctorvee

Thanks to Manuel and A.T.
Thanks to Bush, Sonja and Bloggrrl
Beth from the States, and Malin from Sweden
My readers are from all over the world.

Thanks to my readers to the east of me,
For subscribing and giving me links.
Like my namesake, who’s also called Rhys,
Madhur Kapoor and Rich Minx.

Finally thanks to the huge bloggers,
Who I read, and who are constantly great.
Like Darren, the Cow and John Chow,
(The last one’s not so good, but I could use the link bait!)

So that ends my poem for Xmas 2007
I’ll be honest, it is rather shite
So to you all, merry christmas to one and all
And to all, a bloody good night!

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

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