December 13th, 2007
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Never Sleep With A German


Forgive me if this post is a bit ranty, but I feel I must defend my country.

A story that I got sent approximately 45 million times yesterday was a story from Ananova. According to a poll by Rubbish Spammy Social Networking Site WAYN, they have ranked the top 10 and bottom 10 lovers. They are:

1. Germans
2. Swedish
3. Dutch
4. Americans
5. Welsh
6. Scots
7. Turks
8. Greeks
9. Russians
10. English
1. Italian
2. French
3. Irish
4. South Africans
5. Australians
6. Spanish
7. Danes
8. New Zealand
9. Brazilians
10. Canadian

Needless to say, the whole “Fifth Worst! God you’re all crap!” thing got a bit annoying. It’s obvious to me that it isn’t me. I’ve been keeping my end up…of the bargain. Not my fault my ex’s weren’t interviewed, and one of the people interviewed was Anne Robinson.

The reason given was that the Welsh were “Too Soppy”. So what if we love our mums? You hard nosed generation of women have obviously confused passion with soppyness. You wouldn’t complain if we were kittens or something. All I know, from what I’ve heard, I wouldn’t touch Italian men with a 20 foot bargepole. Welsh are great shags.

Of course, when I say that Welsh are great shags, I can only speak about me. I’ve had no complaints. A lot of moaning, but no complaints ;)

I’d like to see an alternative about women, but that’d probably be construed as sexist, and objectifying women.

Still. In your face Yanks!

What do you make of this article (which was no doubt created to make a bit of a debate)?

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